Musang King and real estate.
Musang King and real estate.

Musang King and real estate.

We were told that Musang King durian takes at least five to six years before we can harvest the first fruit.
On the other hand bean sprout will only takes three to five days to grow before we can consume it. 
Many RENs ask me how to close a big deal just like the current bumper harvest of Musang King durian. In the excitement we forget that 
1. Bumper harvest does not happen in every season. 
2. Big deal like Musang King requires a longer time compare to regular rental deal like the bean sprout. 
It is wise and practical to ask ourselves if we can sustain and survive before the big deal can be completed. Are we financially sound to do that? 
If we are living from hand to mouth then it is only sound to do some rental deal and some regular sales. We can start working on some big deals but we need regular deals to keep us going. 
We need immediate food like the bean sprout and start planting Musang King dreaming for a bumper harvest.
Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground.

Published : 3-Aug-2018

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