What is the key objective of property investing?
What is the key objective of property investing?

What is the key objective of property investing? Positive cashflow.

Before you start investing in any property, the first thing you need to know is what type of targeted tenant you’re looking for, to let out your property. Understanding your targeted tenant will determine what type of property you should buy in that area. Because different tenants have different priorities & needs arising from their lifestyles. And because of lifestyles, this have got a lot to do with how deep their pockets are.
1 way to understand their priorities is to 
look at the income categories they are belong to which we can categorize them into lower, middle and high income tenants.

Let’s look at what are this 3 
types of tenant looking for when they are looking to rent a property.
Lower income tenants.
1) Good public transport infrastructure like bus, LRT, MRT, KTM.
2) Walking distance or short ride to shopping malls.
3) Walking distance or short ride to Near Offices, Shop lots.
4) Walking distance or short ride to Eatery outlets.
5) Walking distance or short ride to College, Universities.
6) Advantage if got 1 car park
Middle income tenants.
1) Looking for gated guarded community with fairly good security.
2) Must have at least 1 car park, preferably covered if possible.
3) Must have clean & pleasant surroundings.
4) Easy accessibility to amenities such as restaurants, mini market, banks,
cafeteria, shopping malls, entertainment spots.
High income tenants.
1) Very particular about safety, must be excellent security.
2) Expecting delightful, clean and superbly manicured surroundings like
cascading waterfalls and nouveau gardens.
3) Must be minimum 2 car parks + must have ample visitor car parking space
for their dinner & party guests.
4) A secluded enclave in a good neighbourhood matters to them more.
As you can see, if you know the preferences and priorities of each tenant
category, you can make a wiser choice on the targeted properties that most
suitable for them. More accurate choices means higher chances of getting the
target income stream you are looking for.

Published : 25-Aug-2018

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